Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Reflection of Winter Street, observed on the Moon's surface

With the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope in the western part of the Australian desert, the specialists have got a great picture of the Milky Way Waves on the Moon's surface. According to Space, researchers will use these measurements to detect emissions from hydrogen atoms. Using the information, specialists will be able to understand how the first stars and galaxies were developed, writes Discover.

The new image consists of MWA telescope measurements and the Global Sky Model, a transmission galactic radio chart published in 2008. Milky Way Radiation was observed on different moon surfaces, this light was then reflected to the ground and captured by the telescope. Thus, researchers have been able to calculate how much light is reflected by Vintergatan.

The telescope uses space diodes to create images, but early radio signals from the universe are extremely diffuse. So the specialists used the ones reflected on the moon to measure the universe.

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