Saturday , September 25 2021

Mircea Lucescu is CONTESTED VEHEMENT. "Where did he do? In the CORPORATE countries. It was part of the cooperative"

Sorin Răducanu, a former football player and presidential candidate from the FRF, said that Mircea Lucescu was part of the famous Romanian football federation. Răducanu believes that "Il Luce" did not have good football results and made pefromancy in corrupt countries.

"He is a good coach, but he was part of the cooperative. If he was not even one of the promoters! He could not beat Steaua and did some things with Jean Padureanu. Let's see where most Cantonese people did when it was national? In Bistrita. He is a good coach. But where did it do in addition to a year's spark in Italy? He climbed Brescia and released it immediately. Where did he do? In Romania, a corrupt land, and in Ukraine, a corrupt land. Turkey is not going well now. Look what Ergodan does. He did well for Lucescu first in Turkey when he had that generation, said Răducanu GSP Live.

BREAKING NEWS! Decisions in the case of Dumitru Dragomir!

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