Wednesday , October 5 2022

Microsoft patents a two-part camera mechanism; He is associated with Andromeda


A few days away from Microsoft's patent that describes a dual sound system for the folding smartphone Andromeda / Surface Phone, here we are still part of a newly registered patent USPTO. This time we have no news about the screen or audio part, but go to the chapter where the IT company represents a two-part photo mechanism.

We find that the mechanism is divided into two, with one side on each side of the device itself. We are aware that with this approach, both sides of the camera can be adapted to ideal capture when the device is folded and when camera mechanisms overlap. This would allow even more obvious focus options.

When the phone is not collapsed, the camera's two parts can be projected, and this technology, believed by Microsoft, means that you adjust / replace the camera with the help of magnetic power. The entire process described here sounds tricky and it is good to know that Microsoft also covers the small details like the one on the camera.

When Surface Phone Will Still Be Unsure!

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