Friday , October 7 2022

Last wish by Alain Delon. What he wants before he wants


The legendary French actor set his dog's future. Alain Delon says he hopes to die for the dog, but if it does not happen he will ask the vet to kill him so that the quail does not suffer terribly after his master's death.

"It is known where I will be buried, but there are no instructions. They will bury me like everyone. (…) What I know is that I will not leave my dog ​​alone. If he dies for me, what I hope, I do not take another one. If I die before him, I ask the veterinarian to go together, says the actor, quoted by

It's not the first time that Alain Delon talks about it, writes Wowbiz.

"I prefer it rather than knowing that they will let him die on my grave with so much suffering," the French great actor explained the seemingly shocking option.

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