Monday , January 17 2022

"I said I would suggest Ronaldo to take Dinamo"


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  • League 1, Step 15: Dinamo – FCSB It is Sunday at 21:00 on Digi Sport 1

Ionuţ Negoiţă He looks again to sell Dinamo, and Marius Niculae makes fun with problems. In jest, "Arrow" said he would talk with his friend Cristiano Ronaldo and took over the club in Stephen the Great.

Dinamo – FCSB knocking on the door and the former glory of the "dogs", Marius Niculae, accepted the organizer's initiative to go to the ticket office, so in the stadium, on Sunday, as many followers as possible.

Niculae then talked to the press and realized that the match was unbalanced at first glance, but it could be a surprising result if Stephen the Great's fans turn to the 12th player. It was also not about the sale of Dinamo, because Negoita once again declared that he was willing to give up the club. "Arrow" laughed at the subject and promised to talk to Ronaldo to take over the formation of Stephen the Great.

"I said I would suggest it (now Dinamo), now the man knows what he is doing with his money. I do not know he has people in the back, a team that cares what the investment does, has holtels, perfume lines. I suggest them, we will see what will happen"said Niculae.

Ronaldo is All-time goalkeeper in the Champions League and has conquered no less than five trophies, with United and Real Madrid. Asking about his utopian going to Dinamo would be a guarantee of qualification in UCL, Niculae continued in the same anecdotal style.

"We have hoped since we set up to enter the Champions League, but …"he said, laughing Niculae.

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