Saturday , December 5 2020

Gina Pistol, significant loss due to pregnancy. What news did Smiley’s girlfriend get?

The pregnancy gave Gina Pistol a series of changes in her life. In addition to the physical transformation that the star expected, others follow. Smiley’s girlfriend recently received news that the activities that the blonde is used to will be completely different after the birth of her daughter.

Gina Pistol expects to give birth next year

Gina is five months pregnant and is happier than ever. And that’s because she did not expect to be a mother. Doctors had told her she had some health problems that prevented her from having children naturally. So the news that she is pregnant came unexpectedly for Gina and her boyfriend Smiley.

And the fact that they will be the girl’s parents touched the two lovers even more, who are preparing intensely to receive the little girl properly. So, Gina and Smiley started shopping for the baby and started renovating the house.

In addition to the changes in her life, Gina had to make professional sacrifices. Thus, on the doctor’s instructions, Gina chose to spend more time resting and giving up certain contracts. Until next year, when she will give birth to her first child, Gina has many choices to make.

Gina enjoys this period and is busy preparing for her little one's arrival

Gina enjoys this period and is busy preparing for the arrival of her little one

Gina Pistol will be replaced on Asia Express

The most exciting presenter’s most exciting experience is without a doubt Asia’s. Although we used to hear her say that at every issue “Good morning, nice!”, Gina will no longer be able to be part of the production that debuted at Antena 1 2018.

According to sources, Gina has already announced that she is giving up the Asia Express project, remains only a presenter on Chefs at Knives. And the future mother’s decision is understandable, especially since the project would be filmed next spring, when Gina Pistol and Smiley’s little girl will be a few months old.

“The show is filmed in very remote places, thousands of kilometers from the country, in exotic destinations. And as you know, the recording takes about a month. Gina can not stay without her child for that long, she has to breastfeed. And even if he could, he would not.

She is among the women who have a special grace to be mothers. It will be amazing. At the moment, I do not think he cares about anything else, nor does he think about his career, about the future. She also counts the days until she gives birth.

Yes, there are discussions about possible stars that can replace her, there will be a casting. But Gina will be able to return to the show whenever she wants and feels ready. She is the soul of this competition, said sources from Antena 1.

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