Wednesday , April 14 2021

Felix Crăciunescu is the new IT Director of PayPoint Romania

PayPoint Romania, the main cash payment operator and electronic charge via stores, announces the appointment of Felix Crăciunescu as IT Director. In this role, Felix is ​​responsible for the development and implementation of the company's IT strategy, which coordinates the entire IT & Research division, IT Systems Operations and Project Management. The IT division handles a wide range of activities related to PayPoints operational and internal systems, the terminal network and the transaction management platform, the implementation of new payment solutions and systems, as well as project management.

Felix graduated from the Faculty of Automation and Computers at the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute and has participated in many courses in IT and leadership throughout his career. He started his career as a software developer, and in 2000 he went to Edenred Romania as a software engineer. He spent 17 years here and moved to IT Operations Director, and before joining PayPoint, he worked to develop a contractor project.

Felix's experience and skills in the IT industry will play an important role in PayPoint's ambitions to develop and implement solutions and technologies that support the achievement of goals. The company has always sought to provide consumers and traders with reliable and prompt service partners that simplify their lives. has invested in this context and will continue to invest heavily in technology, given its strategic importance for the long-term development of operations.

Felix Craciunescu, IT Director of PayPoint Romania, She said: "I joined the PayPoint team because I was attracted to the company's long-term development projects and strategy. In a dynamic moving world where digitalization is certain, PayPoint wants to develop new ways to collaborate with its partners – vendors, partners and consumers – and the IT Directorate is an important part of this digitization process. "

Mugur Dogariu, CEO of PayPoint Romania, said: "As the main player in the segment, we always have the duty to improve the experience we offer to our consumers and partners, to continue to renew and set the direction. And all this under the umbrella of a safe, free, fast repayment portfolio. In all this, IT plays a basic role and it is important to develop a structure that best meets these needs. We welcome Felix to the PayPoint team and we wish him great success in future projects. "

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