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DINAMO – FCSB LIVE VIDEO ONLINE STREAMING 2018 DIGI SPORTS TELEKOM SPORTSÖK TV: Dinamo FCSB game, from the 15th round in the 1st League, is played on Sunday at 21:00 on Sunday at the National Arena.

UPDATE: Episode 175 of the Romanian derby is held at this stage on Sunday 21:00, lives at Telekom Sport 1. Dinamo and FCSB meet at a time when both pass through a weak form.

For the match at the National Arena, only 20,000 tickets were sold by 12.00, as Dynamoists announced. Game equipment was also chosen. "Dogs" will develop in red, while FCSB will develop in the colors blue, blue.

The grass in the country's largest stadium looks terrible.

"No more places here." When playing Dinamo-Steaua is a derby, everyone is waiting for it, especially for us, says Rednic. Dinamo and FCSB are now divided by 11 points, but both teams go through a weak period. "The dogs" managed the first round of the first win after 7 matches in League One, while the FCSB had two syncops two steps since defeated by Chiajna and Craiova. In addition, the game in the team developed by Nicolae Dică is convincing.

Pictures for the Dynamo logo DINAMO
System: 4-1-4-1
ANSWER: Mircea Rednic
26. Penedo – 22. Sorescu, 6. M. Popescu, 3. Katsikas, 93. Sg. Popovici – 18. Cooper – 4. Hanca, 10. Nistor, 99. R. Moldoveanu, 20. Salomao – 19. D. Popa
Coach: Mircea Rednic
RESERVER: 12. Eşanu, 13. D. Ciobotariu, 17. Corbu, 21. Gomelt, 25. Zenke, 27. R. Grigore, 29. Neicuţescu
ABSENCE: Chickens (injured), Atmane (insecure)

Pictures for the fcsb logo FCSB
SYSTEM: 4-2-3-1
34. Bălgrădean – 20. R. Benzar, 16. Planici, 8. L. Filip, 77. Al. Stan – 6. Nedelcu, 80. Teixeira – 98. Male, 10. Fl. Tanase, 7. Fl. Coman – 9. Gnohere
RESERVER: 99. A. Vlad, 11. Moruţan, 17. Jakolis, 22. C. Dumitru, 24. Rusescu, 26. D. Benzar, 33. Zlatinski, 42. D. Toma
ABSENCE: Bălaşa, Momcilovici, Pintilia, Ov. Popescu (injured), J. Morais, M. Roman I (Suspended)

FCSB technician Nicolae Dică said at a press conference on Saturday that Dynamo Derby does not matter in the ranking, which emphasizes that the most important players in Mircea Rednics team are Nistor and Salomao.

"In a derby does not matter the place in the rankings." The players will have a different attitude, I think the team's game has increased since Rednic came in. Stan and Planici will try to get them today with the team, 60-70 percent are okay, we will see if they are playing, I prefer to play with Rusescu's central defender than to play with someone who is not restored, I do not force any player to play, we do not need to look for an alibi in the state of the field, we have to give everything to win It's really hard to watch Dinamo right now, they've changed three coaches, taken new players, but I think the most important is Nistor and Salomao. I want supporters to come in as many as possible and encourage us, we need We have a good morale and we have to stay as close as possible to CFR Cluj, because our goal is to win the championship, "Dica said at a press conference.

Mircea Rednic, Dinamo coach, says it would be a perfect victory against FCSB in the Sunday City, because he and his players still hope they can play League I.

"In connection with the importance of the game, there is no point in speaking, it is a derby, a very important match for us, considering the situation in the ranking. We need points and we will try to get all three on Sunday. have a good opponent of high quality players. They do not have continuous developments, but they have proven their value in many games. Through collective games, we hope to block them, not giving them space and on the counter to let them break and mark. It would be perfect to win against Star, but I'm sure my players will concentrate on these games, not the cup match. Only me and my players think we can get into the playoff. We know that many would love not to get there and know why. In the last matches we took a goal, we only had problems in fixed phases, said Rednic at a press conference.

The technician has publicly apologized for the statement to Nicolae Dică, who said he did not get his training license: "I have to apologize to Dica because I did not know he and he got the license. But you, the shit and the shit, You said nothing, you let me talk to myself. I really did not know and now I do not say anything about Dica. He is a coach and responsible for what's happening with his team. "

As for the state of the National Arena lawn, Rednic said he was disappointed, but he believes the FCSB would have more to lose because he has more technical players. "I'm disappointed, I've seen some pictures on the lawn. But both teams play on the same lawn. I think we would be more profitable given that they have quality players, Teixeira, Coman, Man, Tanase, who have a very good Gnohere is no technical player, he is a striker. Gnohere is a clean striker, it does not matter about the field, it's important to take the ball in front of the gate and from there he does it, says Mircea Rednic, who said that only one of The newcomers will be part of the match with the FCSB.

Judge Istvan Kovacs will go to the Dinamo – FCSB game center, played on Sunday at the National Arena from 21.00 in the 15th round of League I.

Kovacs will be assisted by the assistants Vasile Marinescu and Ovidiu Artene.

The referee will be Marian Barbu, and observers Aron Huzu and Paul Mincu.

The first day on Sunday, Hermannstadt – FC Botoşani, scheduled for 17.30, will be arbitrated by a brigade formed by Andrei Florin Chivulete (central), Ciprian Florin Danşa, Bogdan Gheorghe (assistants) and Iulian Dima (reserve). Observers will be Cristian Nica and Cristian Vasc.

Road traffic will be limited on Sunday evening in the National Arena area, where the football match between Dinamo and FCSB will take place.

According to Capital Road Brigade, road traffic, with the exception of STB, will be limited from 18.00, gradually depending on public prosperity, and if the situation will introduce it on Maior Coravu Street between Sos. Mihai Bravu and the entrance to the National Arena, Pierre de Coubertin Street, between Str. Light Hearth and the stadium entrance ring, on Toni Bulandra Street between Vatra Luminoasa and Str. Major Coravu, Vasile Tirreni Street, between National Arena Access and Bassarabia Boulevard, as well as the streets crossing and connected in these sections.

The roads police call on drivers to give up their own cars and use public transport to avoid congestion, stop or stay only in special places or as far away as possible from the sports arena, keep calm and not humble. If in narrow areas, observe traffic signals and reduce the speed as they pass groups of followers.

The Dinamo – FCSB match, from the 15th round in the 1st League, takes place Sunday at 21:00 on Sunday at the National Arena.

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