Tuesday , August 9 2022

Delia launches new piece just before long-awaited concerts Acadelia at Sala Palatului – Star Gossip Magazine


Sugar consumption is strongly recommended. But in autumn there are no restrictions on the Acadelia menu: Delia's most sought after show in the palace on 14, 15 and 16 November will contain enough traces of irony, raspberry jelly and some truths, making the lollies a memorable experience. Just before the Acadelia series shows, the artist launches a new component composed by her, framed in the same concept: "ACADES".
In the shooting of "ACADES" half a ton of sugar was used, of which a sugar floor filled with multicolored balls was built. In addition to 500 kg of sugar, another 10 kg of mackerel, 15 kg of marshmellows, 20 kg of candy, 30 kg of cake, 100 muffins and 150 muffins were used. The song "Acadele" is just a short preview of what's happening at Norway's Sala Palatului performances. So for those who want to see a cute and colorful show, Acadelia is the right choice.
The Acadelia show on November 16 is already sold, so those who do not want to miss the most brave fall show can buy tickets for concerts on 14 and 15 November. Even those who choose the VIP ticket category will benefit from separate access, especially food and beverage processing, special activations and goodie bags. At the same time there is the opportunity to buy tickets Meet and Greet Delia. Access to Delia meets & greets has a separate cost for the concert ticket. In addition to meeting and gaining access, buyers of this price category also get bits from Acadelia products.
Acadelia, a show for which Delia is already preparing intense hours a day, announces that it is a memorable experience for those who will be part of this brave scenario as the host artist and his team. From the menu they will not miss, such as Adrian Tapciuc, Delia's director, impressive multifunctional furnishings, a large ballet band, extravagant, 10 powerful laser machines, 130 square foot led screen, over 300 intelligent lights, dozens of special costumes and make-up, choreographers or cute elements that will give the Acadelia story. Delia plays for the first time the song "ACADES", which she has composed since she gave the title to this show, but this will not be the only premiere: the performance of "Who Made Me a Great Man", as Delia holds a lot on which he composed altogether (music and lyrics), will be a very special moment, and those who will be in the room will understand exactly what that means.
Acadelia will be more than a rich sweets and colors, but also a show for the whole family, stunned by surprises, powerful emotions, which can create memorable moments. It will be a cute show both on its own and in a certain way, as the roles can not be missed from the program developed by the organizers.

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