Monday , November 18 2019
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Dan Barna, veste proastă pentru liberali

Presidential USR, Deputy Dan Barna, a declaration of non-compliance with the precedent of the Chamber of Deputies of the Governor's Office of the Governor of Orban is put into variant of care or in the case of an existing court case Demers.

"First and foremost, if you care about any urgency you can get through the procedure and to verify your care. Pentru is the problem of addressing the major care of the faithful patron in a sister – no matter what. It is completely volatile and difficult to access as a care-as-a-precedent Iohannis. It is no longer constant, but it is only in the history of the Spanish state, in the case of the governorate of Dăncilă, not for repair in Romania, modified by the Cameroonian Senate to be in this case One against the concrete existence of a child, an affirmative of the Barna

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