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Cristina Tarcea, the next goal? Lia Savonea requests that the revocation be initiated by the Supreme Court


Lia Savonea in Appeal Court in Bucharest asked Monday before the SCM judges' meeting to discuss the consequences of the Constitutional Court's decision regarding five judges.

UPDATE According to the request submitted to SCM, Lia Savonea requests that the resignation of the Chief of Cassation and Justice, Cristina Tarcea, be opened after her decision not to apply the amendments to Law No. 304/2004 on the composition of the five judicial panels and after the ruling of the Constitutional Court has found the constitutional dispute generated by the Supreme Court.

"I believe that the proceedings of the High Court of Cassation and Justice led to the parties being subjected to fair trial, with the risk assumed by affecting the random distribution of the files, what should the recall institution do"Lia Savonea writes in the CSM request, according to the Portal of Justice of Justice, near Antena3.

Inquiry, filed on Friday

"The responsibilities and duties of the guards must be the same, from the Turkish court to the ICCJ leadership," the judge explained.

Lion Savona's request was filed Friday in CSM President, Simona Marcu, and was registered today.

The procedure follows after the CCR has decided that the five judges since 2014 have not been formed legally. Whether these supplements were drawn were determined in the upper courts of the High Court. Shortly after the CCR decision, the High Court revived the new sites.

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Tarcea has long become a goal for Power

Cristina Tarcea, head of the chief executive officer, personally prayed for the CCR's position on the ICCJ leadership in this matter. On the other hand, she recently went to court for the same reasons to apply the new law on the five judges.

Then he received strong criticism from both Minister Tudorel Toader and Liviu Dragnea in the summer.

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What Savonea now supports

"The conflict was generated by the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice. The fact is to ensure that the necessary framework for a future meeting where we can debate the consequences of this decision is ensured. Constitutional character. In fact, this conflict was generated by the ICCJ through a refusal to execute a team.

As they were, there has been consequences in an extremely sensitive area for the judicial composition of the judges. Since this has been able to influence, we see the random distribution of causes. We know that justice is equal, impartial, unique to all.

The responsibility and duties of the judicial administration must be the same, from the Turkish court to the ICCJ leadership. That's what the law says. And I want to make sure this happens. I believe that the department must discuss urgently, obviously not by publishing RCC's decisions, to what extent the management of ICCJ's management does not fit into real abdication from certain fair values, or from the obligations to assure the parties independent judgments. Completed only under the terms of the law and so on, Lia Savonea asked. The intervention is available on the CSM website.

Simona Marcu noted Liei Savona's request. "We will appreciate it in the future," said the judge.

CCR decision

The Constitutional Court acknowledged last week that the government had been informed of the existence of a constitutional legal dispute between the Parliament and the High Court of Cassation and Justice in connection with the formation of five judges, which, according to the court's decision, should be restored.

The court said it had acknowledged the complaint from the prime minister and "noted that there was a legal constitutional conflict between the Parliament on the one hand and the High Court of Cassation and Justice, on the other hand, generated by the Board's decision of the Supreme Court for Cassation and Justice, beginning with Decision No 3/2014, according to which only 4 of the 5 members of the five judicial grants were appointed by contravening the provisions of Article 32 of Law No 304/2004 on legal organization, amended and finalized by Law No 255/2013 " .

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