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Confrontation of camps in PSD. Dragneas people demand Putin's exclusion


UPDATE 14.30: Adrian Ţuţuianu and Marian Neacşu were exempted from the PSD by 53 votes to 9. The two have announced that they will challenge the decision.

"It's a big mistake." I think the party is heading towards the wrong direction. It's time to show if we were right or not, "said Ţuţuianu, after he ruled out of the party.

"Twenty years ago, some colleagues found that we did not properly earn the interests of this party," he said.

UPDATE 13.20 The leader of PSD Vrancea, Marian Oprisan, requested at CExN's meeting that two major "heavy" parties would be: Vice President Adrian Ţuţuianu and Secretary General Marian Neacşu, two of PSD leader Liu Dragnea.

Liviu Dragnea declared to the Riksdag that he follows an "unpleasant" session.

The PSD leader says he will propose to end the period when "party co-workers have collaborated, negotiated so that the PSD government can end."

PSD opponents presented themselves on Monday at the PSD leadership meeting where the ruling party's exclusion of several key leaders is being discussed.

Some Social Democrats will punish Adrian Ţuţuianu, but also Ion Mocioalcă and Marian Neacşu, some of whom demanded Liviu Dragnea's departure from the party's front.

Robert Negoita and Dumitru Buzatu also said that I do not want to exclude my colleagues who have a different opinion from the party. "In my opinion, the breach of opinion is not sanctioned," said Negoita.

UPDATE 11:20 PSD President Liviu Dragnea came to his office. Asked if there would be exclusions from the party, Dragnea said: "Everything is possible."

UPDATE 10:00 AM Liviu Dragnea's close associations gathered last week at PSD's Chief Specialist to develop the strategy for today's meeting. According to PSD sources, several sanctions were imposed on Social Democrats hostile to Liviu Dragnea, the black list is Marcel Ciolacu and Ion Mocioalcă, but the informal discussion between leaders near the leadership ended with a conclusion: the exclusion of Marian Neacsu and Adrian Ţuţuianu.

Penalties sanctions

The expanded PSD leadership is meeting in Bucharest for a new scandal. Liviu Dragnea's close partners demand that Adrian Ţuţuianu, Gabriela Firea and other members be hostile to the leadership.

"I will ask Mr. Ţuţuianu to clarify these actions and what he has said about me. Probably other colleagues will ask for clarification. Only my colleague with Mr. Ţuţuianu does not count on me after hearing that he has said about all of us. Things have to be cut, allow deputy secretary general for PSD Codrin Ştefănescu.

He referred to the letter from Liviu Dragnaa's opponent, who no longer represents PSD's unified position, after sending "#rezist" letters saying that they were part of a "monkey" party.

Clarifications also require Florin Iordache, one of the credible people in Liviu Dragnea.

"It is abnormal for a number of colleagues to come out in public space, to criticize, disagree with the views of the government, the party. If I decide and by majority the vote is there and if a party organization decides to vote on most of the questions, Are those who do not vote, then we are better than continuing the scandal, "says Florin Iordache, to a television station.

The leader of PSD Maramureş was more violent. Gabriel Zetea pointed out that some presidents of county organizations demanded "strong" exclusion of Vice President Adrian Ţuţuianu from the "unfair statements" party.

Pugs the strategy

Liviu Dragnea assured that voters will be less in the meeting on Monday.

First, Gabriela Firea will not attend, be on an official trip to Madrid, and Premier Viorica Dăncilă is on tour in the Middle East.

Although the anti-Dragnea camp did not appear so long lately, PSD executives conducted parallel negotiations with party services. Nearly 50 MPs, led by Mihai Tudose, Marcel Ciolacu and Gabriel Petrea, would vote for a possible opposition vote on the opposition, according to sources from PSD.

Inconvenience, however, requires calm. PSD Vaslui leader Dumitru Buzatu told Mediafax that he did not approve the "liquidation" of critical votes, referring to Adrian Ţuţuianu.


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