Thursday , November 26 2020

An exciting moment at Delia's concert! The artist plotted with a fan who asked his wife-girlfriend on stage

Unforgettable evening for a Delia fan! The feelings that lived during the concert doubled by a unique moment as her lover, as she will remember all her life. The young woman asked for marriage on the show "Acadelia" shortly after "Your mouth". The whole audience witnessed the feelings that the two experienced and applauded them, and Delia hugged them, hung them to the next bit and wished them: "Stone him!".

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Everything began when Delia announced that she had a general fan that she wanted to invite to the stage. The young woman joined the artist without knowing what to live. Of course, Delia asked her who came to the concert and of course when the answer was: "With my boyfriend", the artist called him out.

"My beloved lover, I would like to tell you that in time you understood that you are my half my soul mate, and for that I would like to thank you for saying that I love you and asking you if you want to stay with me for the rest of your life "said the man, who then kneeled and offered her the engagement ring. As everyone hoped for, the young woman said, "Yes!", in general applause.

"I think it's nice to participate in this, it was pure feelings", Acknowledged Delia.

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Delia sang with her sister, Oana, during the "Acadelia" show.

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