Friday , August 12 2022

Alba Blaj, one step away from qualifying in the Champions League groups


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DIRECTLY on Digi Sport, Volleyball Alba Blaj took another step towards a new participation in the Champions League groups. In the first round of the third round, the Romans defeated Stuttgart with 3-1.

Both Blaj volleyball players are undefeated in the Champions League preparations: they have won the first team in the third round with Stuttgart and are away from the competition's groups. Despite being Europe's vice champion, the Blaj team must challenge two preliminary tournaments because it finished the second place in Division A1.

Ardelencele won the first two matches at 18 and 20. Stuttgart returned to play in the third team, which he won at 17, and the fourth set was the most balanced, but Alba Blaj scored 28-26. The return is Tuesday at 20:00, DIRECT on Digi Sport 4.

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