Saturday , May 28 2022

The ball – David Silva talks about the most complicated lifetime (Manchester City)


He continued constantly, badly, did not sleep enough, did not work out. – David Silva, a 32-year-old Spanish midfielder in Manchester City, summarizes what he considers to be the most complicated period in his life.

Everything started in December last year, when David Silva's son was born prematurely. Pep Guardiola joined the team in the clubhouse before the Tottenham game and asked: "Today we have to win for David Silva and his wife. They suffer."

Manchester City won 4-1 and the drama that the player lived was published.

"Sometimes I wonder how I could prepare to play in the difficult situation. It was the most complicated period of my life. He traveled all the time and was bad, did not sleep enough, did not work out, and if he did he did it badly "I was completely out of my way," said David Silvga, in a statement to Daily Mail.

The midfielder points out that football was what helped him most then. "The 90 minutes I was on the field were the only times I could forget things. In the short period of time you enjoy the game, but then you think of everything again," he says.

Mateo, that's what his son is called, he is now good and preparing to celebrate his first birthday. And in August he was in England to see a Manchester City game against Huddersfield.

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