Wednesday , October 5 2022

Tancos. The prosecutor unites in a single case theft and


The government has recently decided to join the criminal cases investigating the robbery and appearance of the military weapons of the Tancos parade.

The Attorney General Office, questioned by the Lusa Agency, confirmed that "the two cases were joined", and noted that the investigation is a matter of confidentiality.

Initially, two investigations were launched, one on the theft of the military armor in Tancos, known on June 29, 2017, and later another on the gun in Chamusca, October 18, the same year that led to the detention of eight military personnel and a civilian, João Paulino appointed as the alleged perpetrator of theft and in storage.

By decision of the former lawyer Joana Marques Vidal, Tanco's theft process was awarded to the Central Investigation and Criminal Procedure (DCIAP), in collaboration with PJ and the cooperation of PJ Militar, "given nature and seriousness" of crime.

PGR also reported that, considering the "seriousness of the facts and the complexity of the investigation", the investigation of the circumstances surrounding the appearance of the stolen arms in Tancos was independent of what arose after the weapons disappeared from armies and that the investigation would also be DCIAP.

On 25 September, the prosecutor's office motivated the arrests in the event of a weapon recovery (Operation Hub) on suspicion of criminal association, denial of justice, custody, falsification of acts, influence, personal favoritism exercised by an employee, abuse of powers, prescriptions, possession of prohibited arms and arms trade .

The Tancos case has already led to the presence of Defense Minister Azeredo Lope and Director General Rovisto Duarte and some discomfort in the relations between PJ and PJM.

Colonel Luís Vieira, former head of the military police, is the only military in the prison of prison and has already argued that the compulsion measure has been reviewed.

Three other members of PJM were respondents and released, even if they were suspended from their duties, prohibition of contact with coarguidos and with all the military in the Armed Forces, GNR and parts of PJM.

Stora Vasco Brasão, a former spokesperson and investigator of PJM, charged with investigating the theft of Tancos, was imprisoned during the pistolial trial process and is under house arrest without electronic surveillance and forbidden to contact the other eight defendants.

The three military personnel from GNR de Loulé's criminal crime, including its coordinator, Sergeant Lima Santos, are among the defendants.

Azeredo Lopes has already expressed "willingness and interest" to be heard in the process.

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