Sunday , October 2 2022

Spanish researchers present vaccine projects to reduce antibiotics in the food chain


During the conference "European research and innovation in our daily lives" in Brussels, Luis Serrano defended, from the idea that in the human body "there are more bacteria than cells", projects aimed at promoting "good bacteria" as vehicles of defense.

"Small bacteria are the best support, they can be designed to detect problems in the body, secrete molecules … and heal the patient," said the researcher.

The MycoSynVac project is part of a bacterium found in human lung, from which genetic material has been removed but maintains the bacterial "structure" to introduce the components of the pathogenic bacteria that affect the animals and create an effective synthetic vaccine.

Subsequently, this bacterium is injected into a vaccine in farm animals, so that with a single dose it immunizes against various infections, Serrano defended.

The research aims at reducing the use of antibiotics, which in many cases are used to increase milk and meat production and ultimately engage in food products sold to the consumer.


By Impala News / Lusa

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