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Palmeiras and Inter dominate the choice of Brasileirão 2018


Palmeiras dominated the second round of the Brazilian championship. Since Felipão has arrived, the team collects an unbeaten record of 22 matches and holds most of the best numbers in the competition. Not by chance, the champion was a round in advance. The start of the title and the strong result on the track made Verdão dominate Seleção in 2016 Brasileirão. Inter with a fantastic campaign was also well represented, like Cruzeiro, São Paulo, Santos and Grêmio.

The most important communication vehicles in the beginning of the country to define the election of the championship in the agreement with criteria and jury members set up by each. I, like a football fan and following every round of the main club contest in the country, I take the chance and set it up which, in my opinion, is the perfect choice of 2016 Brasileirão. Climbing in 4-3-3, with four players from Palmeiras, three from Inter, one from Grêmio, one from São Paulo and one from Cruzeiro.

Master Palmeiras also had the best technique in the competition. Despite the good performances in Lisca in Ceará and Tiago Nunes at Atlético-PR, Verdão leaves spectacular campaign under the leadership of the Penta Captain, no room for any other choice. Felipão took Palmeiras in the sixth position and gave an incredible start to no chance for the opponents. Odair Hellmann, coach of Internacional, third place, is the championship's revelation match. In his first year as a professional, he made Inter, returning from a B series, struggling to the final rounds of the title and secured colorado in Libertadore's group play. All this with a limited casting and a solid game model, especially in defense.

Brasileirão revelation players are also inter. Leftback Iago, 20, took over the position and left on the bench the experienced Uendel. With great achievements in the championship, the young player makes his second year professional, but a little played in 2017: it was the third option behind Uendel and Carlinhos. In 2018, he used Uendel injury early in the season to stay in the starting lineup and not leave. Even Zeca did not even come up with the boy hesitation. But it is fair to remember that, if it were not the serious injury Pedro, Fluminense young top scorer, who took him out of the competition for the whole second round of the championship, Iago would have a thick bark competitor in conflict.

Already the star in the championship is unanimous: if Felipão commanded Palmeiras in the case, Dudu was the face of Verdão in the field. With goals, help and great intensity, shirt 7 begins to become one of the great idols in the club's history. Even after all the controversy surrounding the frustrated trial – and barred – with Chinese football, Dudu Palmeiras led the competition for the tenth Brazilian title. It is the second of Verdão player, in addition to a Copa do Brasil.

Check out my selection of Brasileirão:

goalkeeper: Weverton (Palmeiras)

Right side: Mayke (palmeiras)

defender: Pedro Geromel (Grêmio)

defender: Victor Cuesta (Inter)

Left side: Reinaldo (São Paulo)

Steering wheel: Rodrigo Dourado (Inter)

Steering wheel: Bruno Henrique (Palmeiras)

half: Arrascaeta (Cruzeiro)

Forward: Nico López (Inter)

Forward: Dudu (Palmeiras)

Center Forward: Gabriel Barbosa (Santos)

technical: Felipão (Palmeiras)

Technical breakthrough: Odair Hellmann (Inter)

Revelation Player: Iago (Inter)

Championship Crack: Dudu (Palmeiras)


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