Wednesday , October 5 2022

"Negative coalition": PCP and BE are joined to the right and impose tax increases on service cars


Mário Centeno only saw that 40 million euros disappeared as he expected next year with the increase in taxes on light vehicles bought by the companies. In a rare alliance, the left-hand block and PCP united from Tuesday to Tuesday and made government's thinking fall.

As a result, the autonomous tax rates on light passenger cars are the same as they are this year, at two levels that the government intends to increase.

Autonomous tax rates were created during the 1990s as a way to punish expenses incurred by businesses but are considered to be dubious for their business. Confidential expenses, lunches, purchases or maintenance of passenger cars or mixed vehicles are in this group of expenses which the legislature often considers to be more personal benefits for managers and employees than for the business.

In the case of passenger cars (commercial cars are out) the price can be avoided if the car is electric or if a written agreement is signed with the workers and the vehicle is considered a replacement in kind and is taxed in the IRS by the manager or employee to which the car is assigned.

The government's intention to worsen these autonomous taxes, both in the IRS and IRC, in terms of vehicle costs, was strongly criticized by the companies, whose argument convinced the majority of the members who voted in favor of the state budget proposal in specialty.

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