Thursday , July 29 2021

Mário Rui warns of a new Italy | The League of Nations

Portugal's international defender Mario Rui told Thursday changes in the Italian team, which "changed for the better", anticipate Saturday's Group 3 match in the League of Nations.

At a press conference in the city of Oeiras, the Naples defender assumed that the game was "special" because he had teammates and former teammates and because he had been playing for many years. but he decided to make Fernando Santos in order to win and seal the qualification for "last four"Of the new UEFA competition.

"We are going to play against a team that has changed a lot since the last game against Portugal, but now it plays differently with great quality, it has changed for the better, but you will find a team with the same goal and want to continue what you have done : play well and win, he said.

The view of a route at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan, sufficient to confirm first place in Portugal and thus qualify for the next phase, was counteracted by the 27-year-old leftback.

"There is only one point left, but our goal has always been to add three. It's the spirit: trying to win in Italy, which has gone through a less positive moment, but in the last matches showed positive signs. choice, "he said.

Mário Rui has played in Italy since the 2011/12 season and therefore has a privileged knowledge of the team led by Roberto Mancini but preferred to evaluate the preparation of the game made by the Portuguese team and refused to disclose conversations with forward-looking Lorenzo Insigne, with which he sharing the bathhouse in naples

"We have a good relationship with Lorenzo, but it's normal for us to talk, but it's between us. It's a pleasure to play against Italy." "Although we know many players, our staff is much better prepared," he said.

Portugal leads Group 3 of Nations League A with six points, two more than the Transalpina national team and five more than the red light Poland, which has already been eliminated.

The national team only needs to win a draw in Milan to qualify for "last four"But even a defeat could be rectified three days later, November 20, when he received Poland in Guimarães.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese Football Association announced the integration of Real Sociedad defender Kevin Rodrigues on the day when Borussia Dortmund's Raphael Guerreiro, one of the left's opponents, was absent due to myalgia.

This is the second change in Fernando Santos's call for the last two meetings of the group federation, after Evert's André Gomes was resigned due to injury.

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