Wednesday , September 28 2022

Joaquim Bastinhas drove again – Ferver Vidas


Tauromáquico Knight was taken back from coma at the end of last week.

After the end of last week, Joaquim Bastinhas was taken back from Coma and has presented little improvements. His state of health has deteriorated in recent days. The well-known bullfighter must be driven for the third time after having experienced complications from a first surgery to a polyp in the intestines.

Bastinhas has been in hospital for more than a week at the Red Cross Hospital in Lisbon, claiming the unconditional support from his family who is in need.

It is recalled that last week, also the bullfather, Dahlia Madruga, died in hospital in the same hospital with pneumonia.

The former hostess has already been wiped out.

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