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Fernando wanted to beat Stanisic but ask him for advice


"Nightmare on the kitchen": Fernando wanted to beat Ljubomir but ask him for advice

They argued, insulted and stopped talking. In the end they hugged each other. Alameda is the season's first success story.

Fernando took over Alameda in March.

Fernando Rosa arrives after 11 hours, disoriented, blocked and nervous. In the kitchen everything is late, service goes wrong, there are many more complaints than usual. Here's how to start the episode "Nightmare on the Kitchen" on Sunday, November 11, and it was actually what happened on October 8, the day when the TVI programs began at Alameda in Sines.

Now that you've seen this, let's flush back to the evening before, Sunday, October 7th. The staff has less than a girl who left the space a few days before, and the restaurant arrives dozens of people at the same time for dinner, all the same excursions. The tempo is hectic, the orders are much higher than usual and the kitchen ends the black pork. Fernando knows he needs to stock up to receive Shine Iberia production the next day. He connects to the regular supplier in Estremoz, and combines to be there at 6 o'clock to collect the order himself. He leaves home after one in the morning and does more than 200 kilometers. Arrives at 3 o'clock in the morning and decides to take some sleep in the car. He wakes up only at 7 o'clock to find out that nobody knows the request he made. Call your friend and be stunned with the answer.

"He told me he thought I was joking and there was nothing I was waiting for. I swore I would never buy anything from you again. [e cumpriu]He says to NiT. From there he went to Grândola (another 160 kilometers), directly to a butcher whom he trusted. Nothing. Desperately he started searching Google for sites that could sell such meat. He then discovered the Montaraz plant, another 70 kilometers to Garvão. Almost noon he was back in Sines and Alameda with the order. The cheeses, which he also bought in Estremoz, was a friend of Porto Côvo who received them. Five days of recording began, and the stress that Fernando Rosa had accumulated before the cameras were linked would eventually create arguments and a panic attack, something that had not happened to him for a decade.

Ljubomir Stanisic arrived on Tuesday 9 and started throwing jokes barely. "Is this a restaurant or a data store?" He asked and referred to a table full of paperwork and computers just to the right of the door.

Fernando cooked. "He was right, now I feel it again, but people started laughing and I did not like it. He started enjoying himself," he told NiT.

The owner of Alameda is 46 years old and has worked as a computer scientist for the past 12 years – a job he has never given up. "I have the most to do remote assistance, I have about 100 federations. Therefore I had the material here."

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