Saturday , October 1 2022

Court of Appeals reverses decision by judge Ivo Rosa from Madeira and leads to Moroccan terrorist crime trial


The Lisbon Court of Appeals revealed today to the Lusa agency that it reversed a decision by the Ivo Rosa ruler of Madeira and decided to bring an action against a Moroccan citizen accused of belonging to the Islamic state and to recruit operations in Portugal.

On June 22, Judge Ivo Rosa of the Central Criminal Court ruled not to pronounce Abdesselam Tazi for several crimes related to terrorism, and prosecutors of the prosecutor's office João Melo and Vítor Magalhães took advantage of the "no statement" decision to the Boards of Appeal in Lisbon (TRL).

In a written reply sent to Lusa today, TRL says that the "confirmed" MP's appeal, revoked "previous investigation decision" and ordered that "it would be replaced by another who pronounces" they accused of the eight offenses appearing in MP's accusation "because it is understood that the facts described in the accusation are strongly accused".

Abdesselam Tazi, 64, accused of public prosecution for eight crimes: membership of the International Terrorist Organization, counterfeiting for the purpose of combating terrorism, recruitment to terrorism, financing of terrorism and the detention of the Monsanto high security chain in Lisbon. Four crimes against using a fake document to finance terrorism.

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