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Bruno de Carvalho was detained. Charging damage Sporting in finishes


Bruno de Carvalho was caught on Sunday in the police investigation of the invasion of the Alcochete Academy. Even cheerleader Juve Leo, Nuno Vieira, known as Mustafa, was imprisoned, confirmed DN with a legal source.

Bruno de Carvalho was arrested at the Lambert farm in Lumiar, where the authorities conducted searches on Sunday together with the former leonin president, who was detained at the end of the night. According to the lawyer of the former leader, José Preto, who spoke to RTP, took the computer by Bruno de Carvalho's daughter. Other electronic devices have also been seized, tablets and personal mobile phones from the former president.

The searches also took place at the youth club Leonina next to Estádio de Alvalade, confirming DN with a police source.

It was there in the room called A Casinha, which Mustafa imprisoned, leaving under a strong police device already at 21:30, encouraged by various cheerleaders who followed the search process abroad – while in the arena the game was between Sporting and D. Chaves, where encouragement was not present.

Bruno de Carvalho and leader of Juve Leo are expected to spend the night in jail at GNR facilities, and only Monday must be heard by Barreiro Court's trial director. Mustafa will have been taken to Pontinha, where the head office of the GNR Special Operations Intervention Unit is located.

The employment options were issued by the Lisbon Research Institute. The Office of the Law Office has already confirmed the arrest in a note released this afternoon: "Under the provisions of Article 86 (1) (b) of the Criminal Code, it has been confirmed that two arrests were made in the context of the investigation in the aggressions of the SCP Academy in Alcochete. Prisoners shall be duly present to the investigating judge for enforcement of the coercive measures. "

in The reason is the events of May 15 when a group of people invaded the academy of Sporting in Alcochete and attacked players and coaches. On that day, 23 people were detained for the following weeks and totaled 38 prisoners. All of these suspects were placed in prison before the trial, by legal order, due to strong suspicions of terrorist offenses, kidnapping, physical crimes, among others.

These events, this week leading up to the Portuguese Cup final where Sporting lost to Aves led to Bruno de Carvalho falling from the club's leadership. He was removed and prevented from reapplying. The moral constitution of this criminal act was always under discussion, with the responsibility of the former leonin president to be questioned.

The attacks by Bruno de Carvalho and Mustafa, chief of Juve Leo, are part of this process and, If the former president is responsible for moral writing of crimes like terrorism, preventive detention must be requested by the prosecutor's office and there is a strong opportunity to be confirmed by a investigative judge. The other 38 prisoners are taken care of, with the Boards of Appeal in Lisbon in several judgments confirming the legality of this forced action.

Bruno tried to be heard at DCIAP

A month ago, October 11, Bruno de Carvalho went to the Central Investigation and Action Department (DCIAP) and expressed his will to pronounce himself "rumors" that his detention was imminent, but the inquiry was forwarded to DIAP de Lisboa, where the inquiry of the May 15 attack in Alcochete is being implemented.

At that time Relationship between union member and supporters Bruno Jacinto will have helped to speed up the survey made by GNR, with Jacinto's attorney even though Bruno de Carvalho ought to be in prison. Bruno Jacinto was the one who called the academy in Alcochete a few minutes before the invasion of the fans who attacked players and coaches and warned of it.

"We do not talk about detention at all. Stop the murderous fantasies, totally annoying, absolutely irresponsible." The request made by Dr. Bruno de Carvalho through me was to make access to the law firm's office useful. There were rumors that a arrest warrant would be prepared. It is not confirmed, neither is it confirmed that we are both out there, says the lawyer at that time by the former leon president José Preto.

Balconies give privileges to Juve Leo

Following the event in Alcochete, Leader of Leonine Youth, Mustafa, said in a statement that there was no approval from President Bruno de Carvalho to cheerleader for any action against the football players in Sporting and informed that an internal process would be initiated to determine the degree of participation of cheerleaders in the Alcochete invasion.

"As a sports list, I condemn the actions being exercised, and according to the conclusions of the investigation, disciplinary sanctions will be applied," Mustafa said at that time.

Juve Leo's relationship with Sporting's leadership has changed recently since the election of Frederico Varandas as president. The new leon leader lowered the cheerleading privileges, especially financial support, and forbade Juve Leo from traveling with players on foreign trips, as was the case before.

The division between Freerico Varanda and Juve Leo was clear in Sporting's latest move to London against Arsenal with the president refusing to greet Mustafa and The cheerleader to leave the heart of London in protest with balconies.

Detention prevents trial against players

Confirms the consequences of Bruno de Carvalho as a moral writer for the attacks at the Alcochete Academy in May in May. This is a coup that can damage Sporting in ongoing legal proceedings against players who at that time claim that it is only reason.

The athletes will be able to see reinforced arguments that led them to come into contact with the club, at a time when Sporting is still in action, such as Gelson Martins, Podence and Rúben Ribeiro. The case with greater economic impact is Gelson Martins, who signed Atletico Madrid and for which Sporting tries to be replaced with a sum of between 20 and 30 million euros.

The imprisonment of the former president can also speed up the outcome of the disciplinary process that is under way for the expulsion of Bruno de Carvalho.

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