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Anna Carvalho debuts about performance and film was selected for the festival in India – Life

The short film "Death is the Place on Earth" by Portuguese actress and director Anna Carvalho was elected to the LIFFT India Filmotsav Festival, which will take place from 06 to 10 December in Lonavla, 80 kilometers from Mumbai.

Filmed in the California desert between Slab City and Bombay Beach, the 15-minute production reproduces the character "Ivy" Anna Carvalho wrote and performed for the sign "Death Cabaret", which was on stage at the Malaposta Teatro and Comuna Theater six years ago.

The film, which plays actors Andres Antonio Pérez and Sue Shaheen, as well as Anna Carvalho herself, premiered in Los Angeles at the World Film Festival in late October, where she was nominated for Best Short.

LIFFT India Filmotsav – The World Cine Fest Festival has 35 movies in competition in several categories and will deliver the prizes on the first day of the event on December 6th.

The Portuguese actress, who lives in the United States, now intends to develop the story and make it into a series.

"I feel these characters have more to develop," he told Lusa, explaining that the story addresses the question of who we are and how we treat each other. "

The next step is to write the pilot section of the series and present it to several producers, after "Death is the Site on Earth" was funded with equity and a crowdfunding campaign through the Indiegogo platform.

"After coming to LA, many people made me create my own opportunity," said the actor, who moved to Hollywood 2015 and participated in several independent projects, including a series focused on the metropolitan area of ​​Southern California, "Metro".

Anna Carvalho left California in Austin, Texas, in August to perform other projects, including a wine series and a science fiction production.

Actress Anna Carvalho is shopping for Los Angeles for Austin because of independent production

Austin City offers great opportunities for actors who want to launch independent theater and film in the United States, Portuguese actress Anna Carvalho told Lusa.

"I think Austin is closer than we have in Lisbon," explained the actress and director who has lived in the US for three years, referring to the major theatrical and indie productions in Texan, where she now represents Shakespeare and is preparing for the star in Felix Moore's drama.

Anna Carvalho joins a career of 22 years, which this year reached the stage of the theater and the Portuguese cinema, the film "Ossos" by Pedro Costa, to the stage of the companies ACERT, Inestética, Mandrágora, Reflexo or Commune, strawberries with sugar and dance days, series like Alves dos Reis, Super Pai and account adjustments.

She has studied drama in Lisbon and London, has a course in Performing Arts at The School of Theater and Cinema, has a degree in Audiovisual and her curriculum includes courses and workshops with professionals such as Margie Haber, Tracey Rooney, Adam Lieblein, Barbara Bragg, Bob Goodman and Paul Madden, Teresa Villaverde, Vera Mantero and Carlos Pessoa.

He left for the United States three years ago, settled in Los Angeles, his name appeared in series such as Metro and Corrupt Crimes. Now he is in Austin, Texas, mainly because of his proximity to independent production.

This city, like Atlanta, has attracted film and television productions in recent years, including AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" and HBO's "The Leftovers."

One of the benefits of the region is the diversity of natural resources and terrain available for recording.

Anna Carvalho stressed to Lusa that "there is not much competition" as in Los Angeles, which is "full of actors", which "does not always mean" quality of supply.

"The owls in LA are bigger," said the actress to Lusa, considering "industry is very competitive" in the California city and that Austin "has more harmony", in addition to many actors with academic backgrounds.

"The community feel is different, people are more organized and there is great professionalism," he said.

Among the projects where Anna Carvalho is involved, we pick up the recording of a mini series dedicated to the local wine Dandy Rosé, whose production was inspired by the Portuguese vineyards.

Sommelier Rae Wilson "loves Réguas area," said the actress "and decided to make his rosemary in Austin." The work is expected to be released later this month.

Until this week, the Portuguese actress is also on stage at Ramsey Park with the game "Macbeth" by Shakespeare, by the theater company Something For Nothing.

There are also two post-production projects: a French short film filmed in Miami, "Stiltsville Sisters" and the pilot section of a science-fiction series "Red Runners" by Erik Bernard.

The first short of Portuguese, "Death is the place on earth", was chosen for two international festivals, with a presentation scheduled for December at LIFFT India Filmotsav in Lonavala.

A second production directed by Anna Carvalho, "Red Roses Never Die", is in after-production.

For 2019, the beginning of the drama of Felix Moore in San Antonio, near Austin city, of which Anna Carvalho becomes the protagonist.

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