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Zenek will make a son of his son. Daniel will make millions as daddy



Zenek will make a son of his son
Author: Marcin Bruniecki / REPORTER, Piotr Grzybowski

This message will move the entire show operation. Daniel Martyniuk, son of the disco polo king, wants to follow in his father's footsteps. He just explained that he would like to show the world a selection of his abilities. In this life decision he can safely count on the famous father Zenek Martyniuk (49). The accent leader has helped the boy for years and did not leave him without help during his hardest moments.

"I love singing, I have it for my dad. My family is very musical. Maybe soon you will hear something from me," Daniel wrote recently on the Internet. Although it runs a pub in Bialystok, it definitely has more ambitions.
Without a doubt, he can count on the help of a famous father who deepened in him a passion for music.

– I've learned to play guitar from my father. I remember i was sick and did not go to school for a week. Dad showed me some pains then and I enjoyed making music. Now I reach for the instrument, but more for myself. I love to play rock and blues pieces from the 1950s or 1960s – Daniel said.

What does Zenek do?

– Daniel has no exact plans for the future, but he sings perfectly. I think he could prove himself in the role of a singer and even beatboxer, which is very good. My son performs well in the 60's and 70's climate of the Ray Charles type – he promises his leader Akcent.

Specialists see great potential in this project.

– A duet with a father will definitely help him. The course is good. The only question is what's next. I have not yet had the opportunity to listen and not know Dany's possibilities, but I keep my fingers crossed. Parents can always help, even though we even know in our farm artists who want to create regardless of their parents – says the music journalist Hirek Wrona (58).

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