Thursday , January 28 2021

Today Freedom Mound opens!

Over the years, the hill has not been used, but as we have repeatedly informed, the city decided to modernize it during the 100th anniversary to regain independence. Be pleased that the goal has been achieved and will restore this object in the city space on the 100th anniversary to restore independence and the outbreak of Greater Poland. This measure has a social and patriotic dimension. It takes on initiative from Poznań's inhabitants from 1919 – says Mariusz Winiewski, Vice President of Poznań.

Among other things, renovation of the entrance road on the west side and the platform on the north side was carried out. A flagpole will be displayed at the top of the height and the lighting will be installed at the height. And before you get into Mound, a board informs about its story. The garden will only be used during the main festivals and anniversaries.

Studies have shown that the Mound site is not stable because it is only for security reasons that only small groups of people can get into it, and only in connection with patriotic ceremonies. It will be used during the main celebrations and anniversaries. November 11th is possible between the hours of 12 to 16. Groups of approximately 20 people will be assumed. There are no entries, so first come first served – City officials translate.

Next opportunity to enter Freedom Freedom will be December 27th.

Recall. Wolnosci Mound, located near the Maltese Lake, was characterized by the victorious Storpolen insurgency and the fact that our region was linked to an independent Poland. It was built in 1922 (construction started three years earlier). The garden was almost 100 meters high. The construction was funded by bricks and the construction work was carried out by the residents of Poznań, which came through the afternoon and created a high. It was drawn down during German occupation. When it was decided at the end of the 1980s to boil the Maltese Lake, the ground from the bottom was placed at the site of the previous pile. At that time, it was not officially said about its reconstruction, and about the creation of, among other things, ski slopes.

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