Saturday , June 19 2021

Tighten the layers. 5 thousand. PLN and restriction of the freedom to drive a dog without a couple

The amendment to the Misdemeanor Code, which has now come into force, has tightened the sanctions to neglect dangerous dogs. What does the recipe say? The owner of a dog, which allows him to walk, holds property without the fence, and this threatens other people's health or lives, can be betrayed to 5000. PLN and even the restriction of freedom.

"Certainly, the stricter criminal sanctions will affect owners to take care of their quadrupeds. Keep in mind that the owner of a dog is obliged to keep him connected while walking – says lawyer Piotr Majchrzak.

For unauthorized guarding of dogs, that is, they release them in connection with walking or holding them on an indefinite property, so far only a fine of 250 PLN was threatened.

The fact that higher punishment affects people's awareness, says Robert Kornalewicz. "Of course, higher punishment will affect behavior to a certain extent. That should be the main goal – he says.

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