Thursday , October 28 2021

The US Department of State warns against marches on November 11


The state department issued a warning for US citizens who will stay in Warsaw on November 11th. Defense a march organized by the association for the independence march. He points out that violence takes place there and that slogans against minorities are expressed. However, it is not known whether it will be a march because it has been banned and in turn, the government is organizing a state march.

"Several events will take place on November 11th in connection with the Polish Independence Day, from the Sejm Building to the Szczecin Coast. You can go. In previous years violent incidents occurred between manifestation and manifestation" – we read in the post on Twitter- Chamber.

The full message on the institution's website reads:

"In March, March organized by the Independence League in March over 50,000 participants. Earlier March, some Marchors threw racketes, carried banners and released slogans against racial, sexual and religious minorities."

The State Department also writes that in March, "violence has occurred, including conflict between participants and protesters". The state department erroneously indicates the route of the march and writes that it begins near Sejm. In fact, the starting point would be (as per year) Rondo Dmowskiego in central Warsaw.

The agency recommends that US citizens avoid marching, crowds and other observations, tracing media information and "be careful not to lean out".

The State Department issued similar alerts even before November 11, and two years ago, the municipalities did not mention "violence events" and the slogans aimed at minorities.

Government departmental alerts

The State Department, like similar ministries from other countries (including the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), issues regular warnings to its citizens abroad. They are about serious threats, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, but also potential obstacles, such as manifestations or strikes.

For example, Americans have issued a warning about a major protest scheduled for November 10 in Rome. But on Twitter this message is marked as "warning about the demonstration". The message about Poland was labeled as "security alert", such as the latest warning from Barcelona.

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