Friday , August 19 2022

The Nawaki meeting with Lech's leader took the ninth hour. Decision by the end of the week


Following the release of Ivan Djurdjevic on Sunday night, Lech's heads set his goal of hiring Adam Nawak. They managed to talk to the former Polish coach of the meeting where they would offer him the terms of cooperation. Nawak presents its plan for the reconstruction of the Poznań club. The talks took place in Warsaw at 11 o'clock and lasted nine hours. On Kolejorz's page were: President Karol Klimczak, Vice President Piotr Rutkowski and Sports Manager Tomasz Rzsa.

Ekstraklasa. What does Adam Nawak expect from Lech Pozna?

The former boss wants his assistants to find assistants working with him in the team – including Bogdan Zaj, goalkeeper Jarosaw Tkocz and Tomasz Iwan as team leader.

The meeting lasted so long as Nawak discusses various aspects of the organization's first team in detail. It tried to fix all the details of the team's activities.

Adam Nawaka will reject Legia Warszawa's offerings

Following this meeting, Lech's activists have until the end of the week to decide whether to hire a former national team coach. Nawak would like to take Lech on the return of the team from Bialystok. Next Sunday at 18:00 Kolejorz plays away from Jagiellonia.

Adam Nawaka can work in China

In order to complete the negotiations successfully, you must solve a key issue of Lech's leadership to changes in training staff and responsibility for the transfer policy. In both cases, the boss wants to present his solutions.

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