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The nationalists in Wrocław march were resolved. They are injured, including a police officer. Dutkiewicz: No police support

Sunday march of nationalists and hooligans in Wrocław ended the scandal. According to the police, 9000 participated in it

people. But despite the fact that three people were injured and bottles, firecrackers and spots flew against the people, the police did not respond. – There was no collective violation of orders and orders – claims Paweł Petrykowski, spokesman for Lower Silesian Police.

Rafał Dutkiewicz, president of Wrocław, claims that after the first events he ordered the officers to work on the spot to stop the march. However, they did only one hour later. Why? Because they had to present the decision to the organizer, and the police did not want to help them come to him.

– On-site observers were taken out of the march. Despite requests to the police for support, they did not get an escort of officials on time, says Dutkiewicz.

Police response: That's not true.


See how we reported events in Wroclaw minute by minute.

21.50 hours

The police respond to Rafał Dutkiewicz's allegations. – The President's comment is incomprehensible to us. From the beginning to the end, the police were in constant direct contact with the observers from the office. The policemen also followed the observer during the March march. At no time were the officers not supported by the officers – says Paweł Petrykowski, spokesman for the provincial police headquarters in Wrocław in an interview with He adds that the police arrested six people who held banners with hate speech content during the March.

– Marsh is over, but police work continues. We analyze very extensive material and we are proving the participants in the march who have not followed the mission to solve the collection, which is a crime, adds Paweł Petrykowski.

Time: 20.00

Piotr Rybak ended March. "It was a good event," he said.

According to the Misdemeanor Code, Rybak can now have other problems with the law. Under the rules, the person presiding over the meeting after dissolution is subject to a penalty for the limitation of fines or fines.

Hours 19.50

President Rafał Dutkiewicz explains why such a late decision to terminate the march.

"I instructed the office observer to make a decision to quit the march. Due to the lack of police support, the information about the solution could not be communicated efficiently to the organizer – explains Dutkiewicz. – On-site observers were taken out of the march. Despite the police's request for support, the observers did not receive an official's escort on time. Finally, in the presence of the safety commander, the organizer was informed of the solution to the march.

Dutkiewicz on Twitter responded to the police headquarters. – Although we are not responsible for the organization of your work and guardians, our police officers made the office of the organizer of the assembly so that he could inform you of your decision – we read the official police profile.


After the police failed to handle the nationalists' March, the officer would have to resign after that?

Hours 19.50

Paweł Petrykowski, spokesman for the Lower Silesian police officially confirms that three people were injured during the march. Among them is a police officer. Why was the congregation not resolved before? – There was no collective violation of orders and orders. We kept an eye on orders all the time, "says Petrykowski. With a question about the reasons for such a long delay in the decision to quit march, she refers to the town hall. The official reason for stopping the march was "hatred"


The representative of the municipality decided to dissolve the nationalists March in Wrocław. His participant was called divorce. However, they did not listen. There are numbers in the market.

The police announce that the participants in the demonstration will now be legitimized and will face the consequences.

Why did the decision to quit the march so late, when already before almost an hour in front of people flew stains and bottles and the first person was injured? It is not known. The enforcer who acted as an observer of march would not talk to us.

Time 19.25

It is the second person injured under the nationalist in Wrocław.

Time: 19.00

Marschen's forehead approaches the square. Meanwhile, in the former part of Świdnicki, there are still brawls between nationalists and opponents. Another flare is fired. And we ask the mayor of Wroclaw: How are the declarations that the city will break the march when there is only a flare on it?

H. 18.50

A bottle thrown into the crowd hurts a man – he is an Englishman. It is covered. The police are looking at the scandal.

Hours 18.35

Marschen's forehead approaches Świdnicki's earlier passage. Here he meets a group of protesters in connection with the citizens of Poland and the Civic Strike of Women. They have a banner with the slogan "Nationalism is not patriotism." The police are afraid of scuffling.

In the direction of manifestation, trays and stains fly. – Fascists, illegal march – you can hear in response.

Time 18.25

Nationalists enter the ul. Casimir the big one. We hear fourcrackers, among the participants, the slogans fall "Islam pierd ..". However, the March is not interrupted.

Time 18.12

Following the talks with the organizers, the march was resumed. Organizers assured that stains will no longer be displayed. The mars goes along Kołłątaja street towards Rynek.

Time: 18.00

The participants in the march shot. An observer from the referee decided to stop the march.

Earlier, President Rafał Dutkiewicz announced that the launch of an even rata will result in the resolution of the March. The police also warned the police.

– They want to provoke us. Do not burn stains – appeals to Jacek Międlar.

Marsch has not been formally resolved yet. Conversation with the organizer in progress.

17.52 hours

The police ended March. The police are waiting for the main organizer – Piotr Rybak – to appear on his head.

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17.50 hours

According to estimates, about 6,000 people participate in March – a few thousand less than expected from the organizers.

Time 17.40

"Wroclaw's treacherous power would forbid us to celebrate the centennial anniversary of independence. Shame! We showed that nothing will stop us because we do not sell boys to be beaten – says Jacek Międlar. The demonstrators sing Poland to God something and move towards the Market Square.

H. 17.15

– Love has won the country. We are in a good march, even if they hate us – says Jacek Międlar. Piotr Rybak officially opened the march. "In Wrocław, the Polish heart will always hit – says Piotr Rybak.

The participants of the march will soon leave along Piłsudskiego Street in front of the Main Railway Station in the direction of Świdnicka.

At the moment, however, former pastor Jacek Międlar still speaks in front of the station.

Participants cry: "God, glory and homeland", "WKS", "Lord and glory to the heroes", "From the cradle to the Polish tomb Vilnius, Polish Lviv". Jacek Międlar asks the participants for a "worthy attitude".

Time 17.05

Marsch has not started yet, and one of the participants has already fired the flare. Earlier such behavior was forbidden by Wroclaw and the president of the police. However, since the fan was fired before the formal start of the march, it will not result in the dissolution of the unit.

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Time: 16.40

The police closed for traffic on ul. Piłsudskiego from the junction with ul. Stawowa to Dworcowa. On the square in front of the station, people with white and red flags will come down all the time. So far no bans with offensive slogans can be seen. Crowds are also established along the walkway. Manifestants from Piłsudskiego Street through ul. Świdnicka will go to the square.

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Time: 16.30

The police instructed the march organizers – the manifestation should be peaceful and patriotic. There can be no encouragement to hatred, no pyrotechnics, including stains, can be used.

The mayor of Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz had already announced that even a flare launched during March would lead to its immediate solution of representatives of the town hall.

Time 16.20

– Wrocław is Poland's capital today. I am a good Poland! This is a manifestation of people who do not endanger, who do not sell Poland on a round table. God, glory and homeland! This is the time, the time for patriots. People who will not stand up to Brussels – participants were greeted by former priest Jacek Międlar.

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Time: 16.00

The first participants with flags and the organizer – Piotr Rybak is already near the main station. And the first event occurred – a drunk passenger began to bore and spit on the organizers. "Speed ​​… days, fascists, damn …" he cried. Piotr Rybak could not be provoked.

There are also many police in the area.

Time: 15.30

On the whole road, including at the old Świdnicki crossing last year there were clashes, police spikes were established. The participants against the manifestation will also gather today in the previous section. They will be activists of citizens of the Republic of Poland and the national strike for women. According to the organizers' announcements against the nationalists, it can range from several dozen to even hundreds of people.

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"To disagree with them from a distance is the height of hypocrisy. Playing in a symbolic protest at the time a brown wave will flow through Wrocław, it will be joyful on the street wall. If we really do not agree with the jump, then we must be where the evil happens – says Marta Lempart, leader of the National Strike of Women, to portal. – I expect them to stand with us, not necessarily on blockade, but on evil places, all claiming that they defend the most important values. I expect everyone who is rude and not agreeing to agree on location and not a kilometer away, not a week later, not from the stage, not in a press interview, not in a debate or conference, and not in a post on Facebook or Twitter. I expect this from all those who defend the constitutions. I expect parliamentarians and members of the opposition from our region to be there, needed to help people trying to stop the hate of fire, not being injured.


– This will be an excellent manifestation of polity and the memory of the return of our homeland independence in 1918. This year we follow the slogan "Life and Death to the Nation". We are convinced that our manifestation will once again become Wroclaw's pride, gather Polish patriots above divisions, solemn celebration and strong resistance to anti-Christianism – priest Jacek Międlar, one of the march organizers, invited us to the march.

But it was he who last year called the slogan "Once with a sail, once with a hammer of a red riffraff", which provoked nationalists to cut off and shout off insulting slogans. Click and see what the March was like last year

The mayor of Wroclaw tried to block the march organization – he decided to ban his organization, because the march, as he explained, could pose a threat to security. However, Dutkiewicz's decision first drew the court and then the Appeals Court. The courts declared that the right to assembly is a constitutionally protected value.

– This is a march organized by a man who burned a Jew's puppetry on the square in Wroclaw. No decent Wrocław citizen is entitled to participate in march organized by this man – Rafał Dutkiewicz is upset. – If November 11 falls hate or humiliate the other man, he expects the Polish state to act decisively enough. Hate should not live in Wroclaw – he adds. And he announces that representatives of the City Hall will resolve the march immediately in the first violation of the law.

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