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That was all the lie? The scandal of Meghan Markle boils on the islands


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are the hottest topic in recent months. The royal couple is married in May this year, and in the autumn official information about the Princess's blessed state appeared. Although everything was beautiful, dark clouds gathered over the marriage. As it turns out, the couple must leave Buckingham Palace.

Meghan Markle has become one of the most famous people in Europe in a few months. She transformed herself from a normal woman to a member of the royal family, which not only brings pleasure, but also prohibitions, orders and duties. Although the duchess tries to make them as good as she can, she sometimes happens that she fails and causes a scandal. Her all faux passports, however, will go down in history, as the British media are currently writing about a much more serious feeling, which is the move from the premier couple from Buckingham Palace. Why do they have to get out from there?

Meghan Markle has to leave the castle because Harry and William argued?

Recently, there has often been a conflict on the Harry-William line. And although it was not clear what would be the subject of these dishes, there was only speculation left. Some said that both brothers had been disconnected from the split plate and it is difficult to return to a roof again. Others concluded that William may be problematically another young child who will cry at night. What is the real reason for these arguments? One can only guess. The British newspaper The Sun published information about the alleged arguments from two brothers.

"The original plan assumed that Harry and Meghan would move from the farm in Kensington Palace to one of the most important apartments, but between the brothers there was excitement – we can read in the newspaper.



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Harry packs the suitcases through his mother-in-law

As it turns out, the real reason is to move Meghan and her husband not a gap between Harry and William. Probably it's a mistake … we have a princess. As you know, the prince's children will come to the world in spring 2019. The help of Mormon will then be invaluable. Mama Meghan Markle has already announced that she would like to help young people raise and care for the child. It would have been impossible in Buckingham Palace, because only the young people had two bedrooms. They will have as many as 10 in the new apartment.

British media also reports that Harry wants to raise his child in a completely different way than his brother does. The younger prince does not want his followers to remain in the eyes of nosy media and curious people.


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