Friday , October 7 2022

Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple, visited Warsaw


– Of course, I realize that Woźniak is a Polish surname. There are many Wo Woniaks in the United States. I have always been proud of my Polish roots – emphasized the creator of Apple I and Apple II.

During the meeting, Steve Wozniak spoke about Apple's origin. What he thought made the company successful was innovation. "Woz" pointed out that in the 1970s many computer-producing companies focused on hobbyists and technology enthusiasts. Apple ruled their devices to "regular" Americans.

Interestingly, before Wozniak and Jobs started working together on Apple I, "Woz" went to Hewlett-Packard with his project, but was rejected with a receipt.

I suggested HP to create a computer, but they despised me five times

– Wozniak recalls.

"Deregulation? Tim Cook is Wrong"

Although Wozniak has been actively involved in the ongoing business in Apple for many years, he is on payroll and is officially the first employee.

"Woz" admits that his legendary sincerity sometimes causes him problems. "I have repeatedly received calls from Apple claiming that I said something wrong in the interview, but unfortunately my words are often broken," he admitted.

Wozniak emphasized that Apple is still an innovative company that focuses on its users and protects their privacy. Steve Jobs's friend is not always in agreement with Apple's current president, Tim Cook.

Cook repeatedly pointed out that "the best form of regulation is deregulation". Wozniak has a different opinion. He is also not believer in tightening companies with strict rules. But he believes the government should defend its competitiveness in the market. "Large companies should not threaten them less", says "Woz".

"Facebook? I have 5000 friends, but I do not know them"

Steve Wozniak does not belong to the Facebook fans. "The idea was noble." It started with "Let's Join People" – it was cool, but soon the second thought came out: "How we can earn them" – and it was not cold anymore – underlined "Woz"

He also revealed that he himself had a Facebook account, but he removed it after just three months. "I suddenly realized that I have 5000 friends on Facebook, but I do not know them at all when I said it was not for me" – he stressed.

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