Sunday , January 17 2021

Sales of Final Fantasy XV have exceeded 8.4 million copies

Square Enix during the final presentation of Final Fantasy XV did not have too much news for fans. At the outset, we learned that all extras beyond Episode Ardyn were interrupted, and then left Hajime Tabata, the game director, the company. But as it turns out, the future of the whole bike is in no way threatened.

Square Enix reported that Final Fantasy XV was sold worldwide with a turnover of over 8.4 million units. This is a really good result, given that the series has been in a really deep hole on the sales issue several times and its global importance is constantly falling. For comparison, the sale of the last parts can be seen in the list below.

Final Fantasy – Sales of the latest hits:

  • Dissidia NT – 0.44m
  • FFXII HD – 1.1m
  • FFIX Steam – 0.4m
  • WoFF – 1.1m
  • Type-0 – 1.2m
  • FFXIV – 10.3m (four years)
  • Lightning Returns – 1.2m
  • FFXIII – 7.7m
  • FFXII – 6.1m
  • FFX – 8m

Final Fantasy XV – Trailer for the second anniversary of the game (note about spoilers):

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