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Salah immortalized on the monument. Worse than Ronaldo's bust


Salah immortalized on the monument. Worse than Ronaldo's bust

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Salah is the star in Liverpool and the Egyptian national team

The player Mohamed Salah is a good player, so he lived in the monument's home country. Egypt is forfeited in the position he takes after scoring. The scale of comments started immediately.

Spread his arms, smile on his face, eyes raised to the sky – euphoria as after scoring. The monument to the 26-year-old Liverpool star and the Egyptian national team were presented on Sunday in Sharm El Sheikh, its author is Mai Abdel Allah.

She described her work as "outstanding"

"Kevin alone at home"

In social media no dry wire was left on the monument. Salah is compared to the most diverse movie heroes, mostly Beavis and Butt-head, and to Marv, one of the burglars of blockbuster Kevin alone at home.

"Is there a lack of material, why does Salah have an eight-year body?" – wrote one of the fans.

It was also argued that the monument to the Egyptians is worse than the immortal Cristiano Ronaldo, from which the world laughed in 2017.

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