Friday , August 19 2022

Polish copper goes to China – Pulse Biznesu


Self portrait with the bug in the background

Wajda Masters finish the set, the extra features that play Jews in "Promised Land" provide makeup artist wigs, costumes, glued beard. Władysław Grochowski, then a pupil in Łódź's film school, adjoins the side, but a woman approaches him and draws heavily on her impressive mustache. One Two Three. They do not let go.
– I did not even write, but it hurts badly – joke Władysław Grochowski, owner and president of Arche. Ot, he is a modest, positive observer of reality. The companies probably do not associate many, but Władysław Grochowski's mustache immediately remembers: it's a brand in itself. Now, however, an entrepreneur from Podlasie is working with a company brand. It mobilizes forces, capital and imagination for a project that wants to plow the hotel market in Poland and promote Arche from Odra to Bug. With emphasis on Bug.
"If the plan succeeds, we will in a few years become the largest Polish hotel chain – the entrepreneur announces and lists several investments prepared by his company.
Intermediate geek
Or maybe – before we get to the development and hotel list – show that it's not …

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