Friday , January 22 2021

Pin – Wach. Artur Szpilka rose from boards and defeated Mariusz Wach for points

After an exciting match in the evening, Artur Szpilka unevenly scored Mariusz Wach's score on the Knockout Boxing Night gala in Arena Gliwice. In the last round of "Szpil" he was on the boards, but he got up and clear froze, he succeeded in reaching the last bout. After reading the sentence there was a riot at the ring, and "Szpila" was ready to get into a scuffle.

The fight has begun very promising. Wach initially tried to drive Szpilka and worked with active left. Szpilka on the other hand was very focused and responded with his right hand and left the left sail. At the end of the opening war, little was missing and Wach would take the correct counter on his rival. – Lower – Andrzej Grawczyk, coach of "Szpil" demanded, pay attention to the item, both of which worked hard during the preparations.

In the second round, Wach initially gave up the front hand activity and looked for the right kind. Szpilka, on the other hand, was very mobile and took out a good left sickle twice. At halfway, "Wiking" closed his love in the corner for the first time, but Arthur quickly got out of trouble and led to a clinic. On one occasion the right to the right combination, which fell to the bottom of Szpilka's jaw, it appeared that during the player of the KnockOut Promotions group, the legs became slightly weak, but the 29-year-old quickly resumed its resonance.

The third round began with a good left Wach, but Szpilka responded with an equally successful stroke. However, the corner of "Szpil" required to be punched and realize that the "Wiking" jaw is made of granite. Artur was very energetic and Mariusz gave the impression that he only got better. It fought weak just after the gong, when in battle in the "Szpila" match struck a blow and it was necessary to enter between boxers by Judge Leszek Jankowiak.

The fourth round began with a strong exchange when Szpilka took two strong battles. Wach tried to fight harder, but Arthur responded with a striking combination. At one time, wieliczanin kicked a very tired left hook, but it lacked precision. Rebellion, Wach rushed to the rival, and he had trouble returning to his old sin, that is, he let go of his hands. However, "Szpila" responded to Wach's attack and they both angry both audiences to the most spectacular round so far.

– You have to sit on it, he leaves his hands more and more – his coach, Piotr Wilczewski, said at the break to Wacha.

Cracovian took these words to heart, drove Szpilka to the corner but no blow. The two meters long gave the field to the rival, and after a while we tried to shorten the ring, but "Szpila" came out of trouble and hit the match to the middle of the ring, where he could feel safe. "Directors" smelled in the last dozen or so seconds when the right-hand straight Wacha Szpilka was clearly shifted. He got up a little and could not get more, then he responded to the left and went out of trouble.

The other half contracted for ten rounds began at a somewhat calmer pace, but one minute before the end of Wachen finally pointed with his right hand and the old demons Szpilka returned. A boxer from Wieliczka suddenly left his hands in a completely irresponsible manner and missed a duel at his own request. During the break, Andrzej Gmitruk went out of his way to settle his rebellious protégé.

The coach's reprimand had an effect, Szpilka recovered the concentration and started the next deduction very energetically, successfully folding combinations of 2-3 strokes and scoring the rivals. Wach tried to look for his right chin, and he did not go short enough to detonate him on the jaw in "Hook". But Artur, except for a moment, did not let himself be hurt.

Inactivity Wacha "Szpila" used for the first minute of the eighth round, jumps perfectly the opponent and skillfully in halfway, eliminating the shortcomings in physical conditions. Easter Wacha made it one of the simpler three minutes of this game for points for the judges.

The right lower and right hook Wacha lived on his corner, but the mobile pole was still a difficult goal for the opponent. Younger in a decade, wieliczanin played "Viking", which seemed to lack the condition of keeping the intensity at the start of the duel. The main exchange began during the last few seconds on the ropes, "Szpila" collected a strong blow, but when he broke gong, the boxes were separated in a flash by Judge Leszek Jankowiak.

The last round began with a large amount of Wach's activity, which "activated" their legs and began chasing pin in the ring. "Wiking" was aware that probably only a knockout would allow him to resolve this fight to his advantage. And one minute before the end, Wach Szpilka got a strong right pace from above and sent his rival to the boards. "Szpila" rose and in the last 40 seconds, he was only based on character, but Wach did not intend to let go, but he placed hell on a duck's jaws. The characteristic Szpilka, completely dazed, survived with a certain miracle to the last gong and won a valuable victory with the 2-1 relationship of the arbitrators.

The judges ruled 97:93 Szpilka, 93:96 Wach and 95:94 Szpilka, and in the corridor there were whistles who expressed dissatisfaction with parts of the tribunals for the verdict. The duel was so high that it seems compulsory to get a rematch.


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