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Oumuamua is a scout ship of an alien civilization?


Recall that the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii on October 19, 2017 recorded a strange object that passes our solar system. The asteroid, nearly 400 meters long, is called Oumuamua, which in the Hawaiian dialect means "Messenger". The researchers immediately surprised their unusual shape, reminiscent of a cigar. Asteroid length is ten times as high (400 x 40 m), which is unusual for objects from our solar system, which were up to three times longer than their width. Oumuamua probably consists of rocks and metal, it is a reddish color. Toned thanks to the cosmic rays that he had been exposed to for millions of years.

Ever since the unusual cover was done, the researchers tried to investigate where the object came from, called it a comet, then a planetoid, and then "Intergalactic Object". This new category was created specifically for qualifying Oumuamuę.

Where he came from "Newcomer"?

"Newcomer" He immediately ignited the imagination of conspiracy theorists who will surely be happy to learn the hypothesis of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. In an article published on the pages of the prestigious branch magazine Astrophysical Journal Letters, they stated that "Oumuamua can be a completely functional probe intentionally sent to the earth by foreign civilization". Researchers have, among other things, made such a conclusion based on indefinite dimensions of the object. Even more surprisingly, their extraordinary and unexpected acceleration took place when Oumuamua flew in January 2018 through our solar system.

"Given its artificial origins, the only possibility that Oumuamua is an easy vessel floating in the intergalactic space as a remnant of a more technologically advanced wreck." – We read in an article by Abraham Loeb, Professor and Head of the Astronomical Department, and Shmuel Bialy, Postdoctoral Student at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Both researchers emphasize that similar probes were created by humans among others as part of the Ikaros project.

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