Thursday , July 29 2021

Maryla Rodowicz has had stormy romances behind her. Who was the “queen” dating?

Maryla Rodowicz at the beginning of his career She was looking for strong feelings and fairy tale love and later in her life chose more calm partners. A close friend of Rodowicz – Agnieszka Osiecka – she always advised her to have an engineer as her husband, because she had fewer problems.

After all, the star married an entrepreneur Andrzej Dużyński. It was her longest relationship, which lasted a full 34 years. Unfortunately In 2016, the couple decided to separate and are currently planning a divorce. The divorce has dragged on for four years, but it is possible that Maryla Rodowicz will soon have “freedom”.

Some time ago, Maryla Rodowicz appeared in the Marcin Cejrowski program “Cejrowski Stars”. At the request of Plejaden’s editor-in-chief, she would like to fall in love again, she answered honestly and bluntly:

We hope Maryla Rodowicz finds an energetic and younger partner on the way. Meanwhile, we are reminded of who the men in her life were!

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The men from Maryla Rodowicz. Who was Maryla Rodowicz associated with?

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