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Long term forecast LISTOPAD. It's getting sunny [jesień 2018, listopad, 7.11.2018]

I do not think anyone expected such a sunny and calm fall. Synoptics surprise us more and more. It promises to be warm and small rainy autumn. Even in the morning and in the evening temperatures fall and are much cooler when the air temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius during the day. It promises November to be a beautiful extension of October weather. [prognoza pogody na listopad 2018]

Weather forecast November 2018 – will it be hot?

In early November it was very sunny and this weather continues until mid-month. During the second half of November, the air temperature will drop.

From 6 to 8 November the air temperature will be at 15 degrees Celsius, the cloud will be small and during the day you can expect a lot of sunshine.

The air temperature will fall on Friday November 9th, so the thermometers will show 13 degrees Celsius. You can expect a transient cloud cover. The rain for this day is not announced.

On Saturday November 10 the synoptics herald 13 degrees Celsius and transient cloud cover. The temperature of the night drops to 6 degrees.

On Sunday November 11th you can expect short rain. Today's thermometers will show 12 degrees Celsius.

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Another week will lower the temperature. On Monday, the thermometers will indicate no more than 13 degrees Celsius, and the downward trend continues. Tuesday, November 13, it becomes cloudy and the thermometers will show 12 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday, November 14, Synoptics predicts rainfall, the thermometers will show 11 degrees Celsius, and at night the temperature will drop to 4 degrees.

November 15 thermometers will show 12 degrees Celsius, this day it will be the most sunny.

November 16-18, synoptics predict that temperatures drop to 8 degrees. At night, the thermometers show between 2-3 degrees.

On Monday, November 19, it will be cloudy and the thermometers will show 7 degrees Celsius.

The climate in the country will change. Hot against Poland and the world.

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