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Krzysztof Głowacki with a chance for two lanes, Artur Szpilka and Mariusz Wach – for the other start

The effects of Saturday's victory by Oleksander Usyk, who performed in the eighth round of Tony Bellew, are better for Poland than they have been promised. It was known that a Ukrainian, regardless of the outcome of a duel in Manchester, changes the weight of a difficult to heavy junior, and the British finishes his career. The world champions' belts will therefore be packed. WBO federation trophy several hours after the clash in England won by Krzysztof Głowacki who beat Maksim Vlasov on points. Certainly temporarily, but if he wins the next match, he will win this and the WBC federation.

In addition, the Chicago Saturday Saturday's promotion was promoted to the semi-finals World Boxing Super Series, which is the boxing equivalent of the football championship. The 32-year-old poland rival will be Mairis Briedis, who will join the WBC federation (also temporary). In the second semifinal, Andrew Tabiti and Yunier Dorticos, who defeated Mateusz Masternak in the quarterfinals. By the way, the IBF federation championship belt will be at stake. Skirmishes are likely to come in spring.

It is possible that Artur Szpilka and Mariusz Wach will join the ring at the same time for the second time. Their fights in Arena Gliwice gave a lot of feelings, and even after they were completed, these bad guys. In the tenth round of Wach he hit Szpilka sharply and he fell on his knees. After the bill he got up, but he was still ready yr. The "Vikings" lacked cold blood and the chaotic storm of battles could not complete the work of destruction. – counted Because I do not remember – Szpilka asked later. He pronounced these words as the winner of the match. Judges calculated 97:93, 93:96 and 95:94 in his favor.

The verdict was adopted by a whispering storm. Especially the first decision by Eugeniusz Tuszyński. The difference for Szpilka was absurd, and in addition, it was the last 10-9 win for Wacha, although it would be a two-point difference with nokdaunie. – Thieves, thieves! – she chanted some of the audience who also began to insult Szpilka.

He, instead of giving an interview in the ring, passed the reporter and tried to skip the ropes, which would probably end in a match. The boxer was held back by staff and engaged, who barely carried the eagle. Several chairs fly in the audience and it was a big scandal.

– I missed a round, I slept somewhere. I could also handle a single stroke, but it was missing. I'm hoping for a rematch. I was very well prepared – Wach told me about his usual mean. It was only later that he added that he was on the judges in … – and on them and on himself – he declared the 39-year-old "Wiking".

Wachowi, apart from the better eyes of the judges, lacked determination. He struggled for passive, even when the younger "Szpila" was 10 years younger, he was clumsy on the ropes, but he did not finish the battle. In the sixth round he was in big trouble as he raised his hands and provoked his rival.

– What the hell are you doing? Andrzej Gmitruk shouted dramatically to his player. Szpilka later explained: "I was cheating on the baboon, but I did it safely before the last round.

There are many signs that the only attractive option for both Polish "heavy" is just next year's feedback. None of them, despite the exciting battle, showed something that would open the way to big fights.

One of the most important duels in the crazy was the collision of world champion WBC of the superhalve between Ewa Piątkowska and Ornella Domini. The defending of the title, 34-year-old Polka fought 12 fights so far, of which she won 11 (four by knockout) and one lost, while the pretender has 13 wins (three KO) and one defeat. The Swiss turned out to be weak on the defensive, in the second half saw blood on her face, and after one of the straight bangs the head jumped back. From the fourth round, however, she began to regain her balance and beat Piątkowska, win her left eye and break her nose. In the sixth match, the Polish again launched a straight shot and took the initiative. At the end of the ninth conflict, the champion's advantage was already very clear, and Domini was crushed. After 10 rounds, the judges had no doubt, points 100: 90, 98:92, 99:91 for the pole, who defended the belt.

The match for the title of the international polish champion in light heavyweight won Paweł Stępień. Poland, who did not fight in 12 battles, was quite afraid, and Dmitry Suchocki, 37, gave him his first count in his career. The win also won by Maciej Sulęcki, who in the second round beat out the weak Frenchman Jean Michel Hamilcaro. After the game, he as usual demanded a fight for a big effort. Skills and past conflicts allow him to do so.

Mariusz Wach: I want to win with Artur Szpilka, so fans will find out who I am

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