Wednesday , May 18 2022

Frasyniuk before 11/11: Duda takes a wild selfie with fascist policy


On Sunday, through Warsaw's streets, the state White-Red March celebrates the celebration of Independence Day. Its route and time coincide with the nationalist independence morning, which was banned by Hannê Gronkiewicz-Waltz (though the ban disappeared the court). It is not clear if and in which formula the nationalist circles will go in a state parade. Negotiate this with the government. And these negotiations were strongly criticized by TVN24, the oppositionist of Communist era W³adys³aw Frasyniuk.

– I discovered today that these nationalists spoke seven times with the Senate's speaker and minister Joachim Brudziński on the joint march. And now, finally, I understood why women were fought and spotted by fascists, not fascists in front of the court – said W³adys³aw Frasyniuk on television. – Because of this reason, the Polish government speaks with these bandits and that is why these bandits feel unpunished – he added.

"Duda will take a wild soul with some fascists"

Frasyniuk referred to the event from the nationalists March a year ago. Then a group of protesting women sat on the road of independence as part of the protest and tried to block the march. The shows showed that the participants in the demonstration called them and kicked them. Last month, the court found nine women who were required to "disturb a non-forbidden public gathering".

Frasyniuk also commented on the participation of the Prime Minister and the President in March, 11 November. – I think this is a good idea – the political idea that Duda and Morawiecki together, shoulder to shoulder with the fascists, will go through this great Warsaw march – he is estimated.

I think Andrzej Duda will take a wild selfie with some fascist in a balaclava. I'm waiting for such a selfie

– he said on TVN24.

The former oppositionist estimated that "this Christmas that will be pleasing disappears from our view." "I am deeply convinced that after what happens in Warsaw there is probably no such citizen who would shake off his feet to go out on November 11th and sing" Hundred Years, Hundred Years ".

"It is a major defeat in the state, a defeat of the PiS, but also of a whole political class and a dramatic battle against society. We need a haven where we would show our energy and sense of success – he said.

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