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Diagnosis 4 season. What happens? The screen printer reveals the details! Jan Englert on screen again


Diagnosis, Beata (Weronika Rosati), Oliwier (Jan Englert)
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Diagnosis, Beata (Weronika Rosati), Oliwier (Jan Englert)

What happens in Season 4 in the "Diagnosis" series? When the premiere? The screen saver of "Diagnosis" revealed details! It turns out that the earlier episodes of the series were nothing compared to what the creators are preparing for the viewers of the new episodes. The return of Jan Englert, Weronika Rosati and the appearance of Maciej Stuhr on the screen is just the beginning. In the fourth season of the series "Diagnosis" in Artman (Jan Englert), Anna (Maja Ostaszewska) and Wolski (Maciej Zakościelny), a real revolution will occur.

"Diagnosis" 4th Season – What Happens?

In the 4th season of the series "Diagnoza" there will be no room for sadness. There will be new faces, and the long invisible, like the controversial figure played by Jan Englert, comes back in great style.

Pictures on the set have already begun and the end of work on the new sections of the "Diagnosis" is scheduled for March next year.

Let's move on to what the viewers are most interested in after the 3rd season finale and watch the special episode (You do not know what's going on? CLICK).

– The new series will surprise the viewers with an unexpected back Olivier – a character that awakens great feelings, played by phenomenal Jan Englert. In the next episodes, we also see Helena Englert and Weronika Rosati. We will learn about prosecutor Wilecki, played by the excellent Mateusz Kościukiewicz. However, I am pleased that big Maciej Stuhr will join such a big actor. I hope the fans of Diagnos will like his character. (…) I'm proud that "Diagnos" has so many fans and that not only Polish viewers love it, the series is broadcast in Ukraine, and soon it will be seen by the Hungarian audience – We read the word of scriptwriter Dorota Kośmicka in Telemagazynie.

And what will happen in the 4th season of the "Diagnosis" series?

– Next season we start spectacular! I can not reveal too much, but this time the great heroes will face a fatal threat. In the triangle Anna – Michał – Artman occur situations that will surprise everyone. Love, hate, redemption of wines, revenge – this is the fourth season of "Diagnosis".

There are many signs that great feelings await viewers, especially in the thread in one of the most exciting characters – Artman! Are you waiting for the next part of the "Diagnosis"?

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