Wednesday , May 19 2021

Christmas Coca-Cola truck is launched. Will he visit Wroclaw? [LISTA MIAST]

Over the last few years, the symbol of the coming Christmas has become a Coca-Cola truck and advertising with its participation. The vehicle travels around Poland and introduces everyone to a festive mood. This year, the American truck begins on December 7th. See which cities are coming this time.

  • December 7 – Konin
  • December 8 – Warsaw
  • December 8 – Piła
  • December 9 – Słupsk
  • December 12 – Płock
  • December 13 – Olsztyn
  • December 15 – Kielce
  • December 16 -Reser
  • December 17 – Nowy filtcz
  • December 18 – Łódź
  • December 18 – Rybnik
  • December 19 – Poznań
  • December 20 – Zielona Góra
  • December 21 – Głogów

During the meetings, Coca-Cola invites friends and families to play together. You'll be able to take a picture in Santa Claus's climate room, experience a virtual tour with Santa's sled thanks to VR technology and a pneumatic chair, giving a realistic survival effect or preparing a personalized Christmas Coca-Cola Zero Sugar can . Additionally, animators will run games, competitions and games with prizes. Participation in Coca-Cola events is free.

This modern convoy of Saint. Nicholas, consisting of original American trucks, will visit 14 cities. Following the model of last year's edition and last year, Coca-Cola gives you the opportunity to choose the 15th city that will visit the festive Coca-Cola truck! It's enough to cast as many votes as possible on a certain Facebook post on 14-14 November. You must provide the name of your city.

Vote you can here

5 places will qualify for the final, which will then fight for votes in the last match on November 23rd. The event in the 15th city is scheduled for December 20th.

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