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Black Friday Rossmann 2018: Online promotions on Black Friday and in stationary stores


Black Friday Rossmann 2018: What Deals?

Last year on Black Friday, Rossmann offered his classic 1 + 1 perfume campaign, which means we get the other free. Last year's information: "The promotion of 1 + 1 perfume in November 2017 will apply to the purchase of perfumes or sets for women or men. This means that when you buy selected perfumes, the other will be completely free. The offer will be available only online, that is, the purchase must be via the website of the store. "

Is on Black Friday, 2018 Rossmann will organize a similar action? It is very likely that the promotion, organized several times a year, is very popular. We will keep you updated on promotions and sales on Black Friday 2018 in Rossmann.

Black Friday 2018 SHOP PROFILE Where and where is the sale on Black Friday?

Black Friday Rossmann 2018 online

Probably, as in previous years, The best promotions at Black Friday 2018 in Rossmann will be available online. In stationary stores, it may be a more modest offer of sales, while on the network we buy selected products much cheaper.

Be patient, though. Due to black Friday, courier companies and postal delivery do not meet. If you buy something close to Black Friday 2018 in Rossmann online, do not be fooled that the package will reach you in two days. Sometimes you have to wait up to two or three weeks to shop online because of Black Friday.

Black Friday in Rossmann, and when Cyber ​​Monday?

Even though the Black Friday's event, that is, the big festival takes place last Friday in November, Black Friday 2018 will take place on November 23rd. Importantly, almost the whole world is the same date. The Rossmann chain of stores on Black Friday 2018 also organizes at the same time in all countries where it has its stores.

It is worth remembering that Black Friday 2018 is not the only day that Rossmann organizes the sale. Last year, online campaigns lasted several days in connection with Black Friday, and Rossmann is also included in Cyber ​​Monday, which falls on the first Monday after Black Friday. This year, Cyber ​​will fall on November 26th.

Black Friday 2018 in Rossmann in stationary stores

Even though everything indicates Most of the sales at Black Friday Rossmann will be organized onlineThere is a chance that some promotions will also be available in the stores.

Perhaps the Rossmann Network, however, decides to make the most sales through the website, as it is afraid to quickly sell products from the shelves. It may look bad in the picture. But nothing prevents you from going to Rossmann's stationary stores on Black Friday and enjoying the purchased products immediately.

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