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Black Friday Poland 2018. Where should the sale be? [LISTA SKLEPÓW, PROMOCJE – 9.11.2018]


Black Friday is a holiday for shopping enthusiasts and campaign hunters. During Black Friday, the stores offer the offer at much lower prices. Some campaigns reach up to 70 percent.

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Black Friday 2018

Celebrates Black Friday Of course, it was taken from the United States. In Poland, this day is becoming more and more popular year after year. On Black Friday, many retail chains offer significant reductions and sales, making malls that burst at the seams.

Black Friday in Poland 2018

When do we celebrate Black Friday this year? Black Friday this year falls on November 23rd. Then many of us will definitely go to the shops.

Black Friday Poland 2018

In which stores will the Black Friday campaigns be? More and more networks participate in the campaign and offer many Black Friday campaigns. This year, it is no different. During Black Friday, cheaper shopping will take place in electronics and household appliances, with women's and men's models, and also in discounted grocery stores. Below, check the list of selected networks that joined Black Friday 2018. Of course, the number of stores will certainly increase.

Black Friday 2018. Where should the sale be?

  • Media Expert
  • Media Market
  • Euro RTV AGD
  • Sephora
  • Deichmann
  • Komputronik
  • Decathlon
  • Avans
  • Ochnik
  • Ecco
  • Home and you
  • and many, many more …

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Black Friday – The tradition from the United States slowly reaches Poland

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