Sunday , October 2 2022

Arena. Part of the roof has collapsed. The concert was transferred to MTP


The organizer of the Gregorian Concert – High Note Events Agency – informed about technical issues that arose in the arena. "We regret that it is due to technical and engineering reasons due to an event taking place today, to ensure the safety of the participants, the event must be transferred to the ground floor" – wrote the organizer. Because of these problems, the concert begins an hour later than planned – at 20. For this reason, the organizer can not give all spectators seating – you can give off tickets with full refund.

What are the problems?

– Two six-dimensional elements of hanging roof collapsed. After this event, MTP decided (management of the building). Himself decided to rule out the exhibition and concert part of the arena from use – explains Paweł Łukaszewski, Povian Inspector for Building Surveillance.

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