Saturday , July 2 2022

Apple is a big winner of Singles Day on Alibaby – Business Platforms


The American giant sells most smartphones at this year's Sing Day on Alibaba group platforms, crushing the Chinese Huawei and Xiaomi brands.

The shopping scandal on Alibaba's e-commerce platforms in conjunction with Singles will slowly go, but it is already clear that this year's celebrity will play record. Internet users have already spent more than $ 30.8 billion at this time, and the remaining two hours remain until the end of the game (Singing Day lasts until Monday, November 12 at 13:59 in Polish time). For the comparison, the record was $ 25.3 billion.

During Singing Day, customers from all over the world can benefit from discounts offered by thousands of sellers who show their products in Alibaba's online stores, including the popular AliExpress. The idea is that every day's fog will make a gift itself – contrary to Valentine's Day, which is usually a nuisance to lonely people.

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The Chinese giant today publishes a ranking of brands that will be the best in the year's greetings. Apple turned out to be one of the biggest prices. The US company will sell most smartphones in Alibaba stores, breaking Chinese brands. Although there are no specific data about the number of products sold, it has been found that Apple has 237 brands that will sell on Single Day 1 to exceed $ 14.36 million.

This means a good reflection of the Apple brand in the Chinese market, where the company failed to succeed in recent years, mainly due to the growing competition of local brands. During this year, the US giant gradually improves its results in the Middle East, and in the last quarter ended in September, revenues increased by 16 percent. compared with last year. This year's Singing Day shows that Apple returns to question the Asian markets for good.

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Huawei, now the largest manufacturer of smartphones in China, is located behind the American giant. Xiaomi was also on stage.

A very bad trip on the other hand, Samsung, who fell on the rankings in the sales rank. The South Korean brand recently loses popularity in China and loses in fierce competition with other tycoons.

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