Sunday , May 22 2022

Agata Biernat and her thighs say goodbye to the title Miss Polonia


Agata Biernat and her thighs say goodbye to the title Miss PoloniaONS

Beauty contests in a few years seem to have the weak interest, but the winner of the title Ms. Polonia from last year she did not suffer in connection with media lacking existence. Agata Beer Night controversies have already arisen in the last evening when the competitors suggested in social media it Her victory was decided. In the following months she liked a celebrity's life, which regularly appeared on the walls of her brand expose the leg a & # 39; la Angelina Jolie on Oscar in 2012.

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Proud Ms. Polonia exposes her knee and looks cold

After 12 months of government, Biernat said on Saturday goodbye to the status of the beauty queen, by giving the title Miss Polonia to the younger of nine years Milena Sadowska. In connection with the last appearance of the crown on her head, she tried to remember. This time Biernat put on a black dress with umbilical necklaces and a slit to the hip through which she could Exposure the thigh comfortably. The supplementary roll was sandals from stripes and hanging earrings. After the gala ceremony, she went to bed at night and on Sunday morning she flew China for grouping and selection Miss world.

See how Biernat said goodbye to the crown of Ms. Polonia. How do you remember her rule?


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