Saturday , October 1 2022

Young Justice Outsiders first trailer for DC Universe is here


The hero from the DC animated series Young Justice is back, but this time they will be featured on the streaming service DC Universe. The first trailer for the upcoming January series has been revealed, and it made the team you feel and love, plus some surprises.

The second season of young justice moved back in March 2013, but season 3 will still handle the fallout and events of the season, from metahuman trade to intergalactic threats to finding out how to be the hero of the DC universe without being one of the great superheroes names. The Season 3 trailer, as you can see above, does not give too much away; But we can see Metamorpho, Batman and Katana in the video, and Kid Flash runs a mission on a remote planet.

Young Justice: Outsiders come to DC Universes streaming service Friday, January 4th. Then, every Friday to January 18th, a new episode will be released. On January 25, DC Universe will celebrate the mid-season finals by debuting four new episodes. The second half of this season will turn on the service in June 2019.

DC Universe doubles on all its young fair content. Apart from the fact that the first two seasons are exclusive to the streaming service, DC Universe will release enhanced episodes from Season 1 and 2 from December 4th every Tuesday through December 25th. Each episode from the original series will contain comments, interviews and additional information. In addition, there will be a "Making of" docuseries for Young Justice: Outsiders after voting Whitney Moore during the production process. The series begins Tuesday, January 8th.

The DC Universe streaming service has come a long way since its launch in September. It contains movies, TV shows and comics with the company's characters, but the real point of sale is and will be the original series. Titans are on the go and release every week, and while the first episode had a little learning curve, it will quickly become an amazing comic book with high output. In addition, you can watch Batman: The Animated Series completely remastered in HD. It has been a few months, but DC Universe quickly becomes a must-streaming service for DC fans.

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